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These days my tummy typically feels pretty good but sometimes a heavy dose of stress can send me into the fetal position. If I feel this type of situation brewing, the first thing I do is pull out my juicer and whip up a glass of my antihistamine juice. If I catch it early enough I can usually stop a full on flare before it knocks me over. I refer to this juice as my Miracle Juice!


Ginger is naturally anti inflammatory and has been said to be as powerful as Zantac at inhibiting certain types of histamine reactions. Studies have proven ginger to have immune modulating effects as well. 70-80% of your immune cells are located in your small intestines. So it’s no wonder why a revved up immune reaction can cause a Terrible Tummy Ache! Ginger can also be helpful in sinus and respiratory allergic reactions as well.

Ginger also has powerful anti microbial properties. So if you don’t know whether it’s a “bug” or allergies, ginger is a great choice regardless because it can help with both!

***Why do you think they give you a heaping pile of ginger along with your sashimi??? Yip!!***


Cucumber also posses anti inflammatory properties most likely due to the quercetin and luteolin content. Both of which have been studied for their antihistaminic, antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial and anticancer effects. There was a study which I have referenced below, that showed a significant improvement in children with Autism Spectrum Disorder when given a compound containing luteolin and quercetin for 4 months. Positive changes were notable in their allergic, GI and social symptoms.


I love Granny Smith apples! Not only are they high in the allergy and histamine battling, gut healing quercetin mentioned above but they also promote stomach acid production due their tartness. I like to squeeze a little lemon juice on apple slices and nibble about 15-20 minutes before meal time to get those gastric juices flowing and ready to bust up some protein!

Tart green apples are a great digestive aid for your kids. Our kids love them and they have fun making pucker faces at each other with the lemon.


Peaches have also been shown to mediate mast cells which produce histamine. They also taste really good and add a bright flavor to the juice. I believe “Happy” is anti inflammatory. And who isn’t happy when eating a perfectly ripe “in season” Georgia Peach! Yum!


Celery also contains those magic flavones quercetin and luteolin and is specifically anti inflammatory and healing to the digestive tract.


Beets are another anti inflammatory food which help by inhibiting some pro inflammatory enzymes. Beets are also really helpful for good biliary function by producing a thinning effect on your bile. Bile is what emulsifies your dietary fats and is necessary for proper fat digestion. Bile is also the stream that carries away the detoxed bi-products from your liver. Keeping that system in top shape helps to prevent inflammation from occurring by keeping undigested fats from wreaking havoc in your digestive tract and by breaking down those omega 6’s and 3’s so they can be used to make those “omega important” anti inflammatory prostaglandins!!

Beet greens are especially nutritionally potent so don’t throw those away!  You can juice them right into this drink or I really like to saute them lightly with garlic and butter.

I obviously didn’t use beets in the juice in my photograph…because I didn’t have any…but I normally do and it makes the juice a beautiful red color. It’s fun to sip out of a pretty wine glass.

As you can see each ingredient in this juice packs an anti inflammatory, antihistamine punch! Plus it tastes great!

“Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food”




Antihistamine Juice


  • Fresh Ginger - One inch chunk (or more) peeled
  • ½ Organic Cucumber
  • ½ Organic Granny Smith Apple
  • 1/3 Peach Organic (Peeled if not organic)
  • 1 Stalk Celery- Organic
  • A handful of full of fresh herbs if available or in season
  • Fresh basil would be great!
  • Fresh turmeric would also add an extra anti-inflammatory boost!


  1. Juice all ingredients together
  2. Sip slowly
  3. Role juice around in your mouth so your enzymes can break down the sugars
  4. RELAX…..

Post By: Hollie Donelson, NTP

Happy Tummies of The Lowcountry, LLC

Bluffton/Hilton Head, SC


[email protected]





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